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Entrance Exams

                                                              Entrance exams for WS 2019 

                                   Allocation or classification of pupils and students upon admission

1. The basic requirement for admission to the FSK is the completion of the subjects "General Musicology "and" Ear Training I ". Furthermore, it is necessary that the applicant on the necessary mental and physical fitness.

2. Every new student joining the FSK will be admitted to the admission exam divided according to the respective field of study. At the same time the classification into the his level of education appropriate year made.

3. As confirmation of his admission will be a corresponding school or study book displayed.


                                                                            Conditions of admission for foreign students


All foreign students whose native language is not German have until the end of the 2nd semester to prove a valid proof of knowledge of German at level B 2 Foreign students


                                                             With a visa requirement are subject to the following conditions:


After a pre-recorded admission examination abroad and the submitted one Examination protocol from the respective country can be a confirmation for a free study place carried out (study place confirmation). Furthermore, at the Franz Schubert Conservatory, a further admission examination or Placement exam. After passing these mentioned exams, the student (in Major and minor subjects) as a neat student.

                                                  Registration - Entrance Exam 9 and 11 September 2019 Classic - Jazz - 12.00 pm

                                                                                 WS 2019 and 09 and 11 September 2019 


                                                                            Please enter the following data to


First and last name Date of birth : 

Place major subject Previous studies : 

Telephone number and e-mail address : 

Classical All instruments - vocals Additional dates after telephone registration possible!

Such as 09. and 11. September 2019 - 12.00 clock Jazz Classical


                                                                                   All instuments - vocals Exam fee: € 50,00

                                                    Every 1st Wednesday d. Monthly - 12.00 pm admission exam dates possible!


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