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Admission requirements of the preliminary studies: General musicality, appropriate physical fitness. - The instrument must be in relation to body size in children.


                                                                                  Modules of the lower level:


                                                                                        1st to 6th semester:


In the following three years, the following contents will be taught in the areas of playing technique, practical exercises as well as school books and music. Introduction to the practical way of playing and explanation of different grip systems and the manuals. Instrument-specific sound design (introduction to different tonal and playing techniques). Unison play in simpler major and minor scales. Beginning of the two-part game. Two-handed scale exercises (parallel and counter-movement). Dreiklangszerlegung adapted in simpler keys or the respective teaching literature. Baßstudien. Beginning of the polyphonic game without letter designation of the bass. Beginning of memorization. Sight reading exercises. Beginning of the improvisation as well as introduction to the design possibilities of the pieces of music. Beginnings of duo and ensemble playing. EXERCISES: Singing and playing simple melody sequences and songs by ear. - Different coordination exercises considering the right breathing and the resulting phrasing.

At Manual I: Tonbildungsübungen, Über- and Untersetzen On the Manual II: bass and chord work exercises Manual III: Exercises based on Manual I Bellows guide: Textbooks: A. Fett / L. Puchnowski: Bellows guidance and sound design on the accordion (world music). L. Puchnowski: Sound Design and Sound Formation on the Accordion (Hohner), Margot Eisenmann: Lehrerband I Introduction to finger, bellows and combined finger-bellows articulation. Introduction to the register application Schulwerke M II: M. Eisenmann: Accordion-Schulwerk (with supplementary booklets) - (Hohner), A.Holzschuh: New Accordion-School Bd. I (Holzschuh), J. Preissler: Folk-Accordion-School (Preissler), A. Breitfuß : ABC-Schule 1 (ABC ed.), W. Maurer: Methodisches Unterrichtswerk (Harmonia). Schools for button handle models with M II: J.Huber: School for Chrome. Button handle accordion (Helbling), Schmitz / Draeger: School for chrome. Button grip accordion / C-handle (Helbling) Schools for Knob Grip Models with M III: Holm Lundquist / Elegaard: Accordion School for the Young (Thore Ehrling / Stockholm), Elisabeth Moser: School for Akkodeon (M III) (Sikorski) Guido Wagner: Tricks (Hohner) Etudes M II: P. Fries: Classical Music I (Apollo), C. Mahr: Czerny I (Helbling), Modern Accordion Technique I + II (Schott), A. Breitfuß: ABC Czerny I + II (ABC Ed.), O. Bukowsky: The ambitious accordionist I (Preissler), FA Breitfuß: Practice makes perfect 1-4 (ABC Ed.), W. Bloch: Accordion studies (partly intermediate) (Hohner), The path to the accordion master (I -III) (clog). Etudes M III: H.J. Hummel: Easy Toning 0-2 (Hohner), C.W. Wimmer: Elementary play music (+ Stand.Baß) (Preissler), W. Bloch: Etudes for the left hand (ABC), Hugo Noth: 20 pieces, Eugen Tschanun: Practice pieces for single tone accordion (Heinz Ottinger) Musiziergut - Original Works M II: W.Bernau: Little Melodies and Music Folder I (Hohner), J. Draeger: Acc. progression I-III (Helbling), T. Schlunck: Harmonica Workshop I + II (Hohner), F. Lee: Fairytale Pictures (World Music), A. Breitfuß: Small Concert Pieces for Acc. Solo (ABC), H.J. Hummel: Small Note Mosaic (Preissler), A. Breit-foot: The Bear (ABC-Breitfuß), E. Bendix: Small World Trip and The Great Adventure (2nd Edition) (Preissler), R. Bui: I like to play (with 2. St.) (Wild / Zürich), A. Holzschuh: Little dancing lesson I - VIII (2nd c.) (Holzschuh), HJ Hummel: When animals dance (with 2nd St.), Rauch / Würthner: The young accordionist (with 2nd St.), T. Schlunck: For little fingers (with 2nd St.) (Apollo), W. Leers: Our music album I (2nd St.) (Verlag-Leers), Conti Eckert: Holiday pictures (Hohner), AP Hesse: Polyphones Spielbuch I (Preissler), W. Brüggemann: Sandrine, M. Probst: Jerry Haisy (Wooden Shoe), C. Mahr: The Easy Five I + II (Preissler), L. Kubanek: 6 Sonatinas (Bosworth). Music Pieces - Original Compositions M III: W. Bloch: Little Dances (Hohner), Minicordeon3 Volumes (ABC), H.P. Hesse:Polyphone's Playbook, Volumes 1 and 2 (Preissler), H.C. Jacobs: 10 small accordion pieces (pilgrims), R. Jung: The Musici (2 volumes), partly edits (Preissler) Supplementary literature for M III: J.S. Bach: Music book of Anna Magdalena Bach (Schott), W. Schaum: The best of Bach (Bosworth) Musiziergut - Arrangements for M II. A. Holzschuh: Stairway to Accordion Master Vol 14 (Holzschuh), M. Eisenmann: For children (3 volumes), Staeps (3 volumes), play with us (2 volumes) (Hohner) W. Maurer: Rejoice in life, out into the distance (Preissler), CJ Wimmer: Oh what lust (Preissler), F. Knittel: Playing the accordion is fun - 6 volumes (Bachschmid), C. Mahr: 40 German folk songs (Apollo). Chamber Music: (from the 3rd year onwards): V. Fortin: Higher than high (Blfl./Akk.), B.K. Przybylski: The Enchanted Forest (Blfl./Akk.) A small Autumn Music (Git./Akk) From a childhood (Git./Akk). After the knowledge and completion of the above exercises, school works, études and the music-well the student is qualified to enter the middle school.


                                                                             Modules of the intermediate level:


                                                                                        7th to 12th semester:


Training content of the practical game: Instrumental sound design (refinement of the finger, bellows and combined finger-bellows articulation) Chord playing - ambidextrous scales (parallel and counter-movement) and triadic decompositions in all keys, adapted to the respective teaching literature - chromatic scale - rote playing / folios - improvisation - deepening of the musical Design possibilities - development of a diverse repertoire - duo and ensemble playing. EXERCISES: On Manual I: Scales (also in conjunction with the Manual II / III in parallel and counter-movement) as well as three-sound decomposition in other keys, adapted to the respective teaching literature. Two-chord and chord studies. W. Maurer: My daily training (ABC) On the Manual II: Scales, various bass and chord work exercises (separated and combined) eg. Exercises for accuracy, complicated rhythms Manual III: Exercises in Accordance with the Manual I Bellows / articulation: refinement of the bellows technique as well as all instrument-specific articulation possibilities (bellows-finger and combined bellows-finger articulation) For textbooks on bellows guidance, see the lower level: A. Fett / L. Puchnowski (world music), L. Puchnowski (Hohner), Curt Herold (Preissler), Margot Eisenmann Schools II: M. Eisenmann: Accordion School with continuations (Hohner), A. Holzschuh: Neue Holzschuh Accordion School Vol. 2 (Holzschuh), A. Breitfuß: ABC School Vol. 2 (ABC), W. Maurer: Methodisches Lesson Bd. 3-6 (Harmonia) Etudes M II: A. Breitfuß: ABC Czerny Vol. 3 (ABC), P. Fries: Classical Music Vol. 2 (2nd Edition) (Apollo), C. Mahr: Czerny II (Helbling), O. Bukowsky: The Ambitious Accordionist Vol. II (Preissler), W. Bloch: Accordion Studies Continued (Hohner), HP Hesse: Polyphones Spielbuch II (Preissler), W. Hoyer: Rhythm. Mel. Pieces (with 2nd part) (Gerig), H. Luck: Studies for Accordion (Harth), H. Reinbothe: Compendium (DVFM), C. Mahr: Melodic and Technical Studies for Accord. (Schott), F Maschner: melodic etudes for the Akk. (World music) W. Maurer: my daily training (ABC). Etudes M III: H. Hesse / W. Maurer: Polyphones Spielbuch Vol. 2 + 3 (Preissler), C. Mahr: Melodic and Technical Studies for Acc. (Schott), A. Abbott: 54 technical études (Leduc), F. Fugazza: Studi (Berben), E. Harris: Preperatory Studies (Waterloo), C. Czerny: First Beginning, First Teacher, 100 Exercises Music M III: E.L. Knorr: 12 recital pieces in the old style, T. Lundquist: Allerlei, H.J. Hummel: Easy Clay Games III, P. Hoch: Suite in miniature, H. Heilmann: Theme with Variations, H.C. Schaper: Sonatine, M. Klein: Greensleaves (Hohner), W. Jacobi: 10 polyphonic pieces (Preissler), W. Bloch: 8 sonatins (ABC), A. Grothe: 20 norske folkemelodiers (Lyche / Paris), W. Jahn : Cycle (Eres), W. Solotariew: Children's Suites (Inter), B. K. Przybylski: Galant, Pavane, Chiaconne (Harmonia Nova). Music Material - Original M II: J. Löchter: Fabulous Circensale Kaleidoscope, K. Treidler: Italian Suite (Wooden Shoe), T. Schlunck: Sounding Book (Hohner), N. Tchaikin: Small Pieces (Harmonia), div. International Virtuosite Acc ,(Helbling), F. Lee: Travel Sketches (ABC), H. Zander / Horn: Cheerful Studies I, II, III, W. Bernau: Musikmappe II (Hohner), various authors: Original Music for Akk. I (Harmonia), J. Draeger: Acc. Pro-gression IV (Helbling), EL Knorr: 12 pieces in the old style, H. Zilcher: Album for Accordion (Hohner), G. Müller: Small Suite (Preissler), B.K. Przybylski: 3 Sonatinas (Harmonia), J. Truhlar: Perger Suite (Pilgrims), W. Brüggemann: Melodies for the Dance (with 2nd St.) (Donauton, 4040 Puchenau), various authors: Tanzalbum Bd. 1,2,3 (with 2nd St.), Grease / Schlunck: Modern dance rhythms (Holzschuh) , div. Authors: Solistenklänge I (Apollo), H. Gerlach: Accordion-Trumps 1-3 (Metropol), W. Brüggemann: The big ball (with 2. St.) (wooden shoe), W. Leers: Lively melodies (Leers), various composers: Akk. Duette 1-3 (Preissler), St. Kokaly: Akk.-Spielerein 1 and 2 (Kokaly), R. Bui: Modern Rhythms 1 and 2 (ABC ), T.Schlunck / Gräser: Party Time 1-5 (Preissler), W. Brüggemann: Evening at the Seine, firefighter ball, Klettermaxe (Ed. ModernWewerka / Munich), The great Werner Brüggemann album 1-3 (cook), T. Schlunck: Pop Shop (Apollo), "The Great Book of Original Music" (Hohner), J. Löchter: Two Oldtimer (Harmonia nova). Music - Arrangements M II: Div. Composers: From Bavaria to Tyrol I + II (Apollo), A. Breitfuß: At the village fest 1 and 2 (ABC), W. Brüggemann: Volkstüml. Leader (Alpenl. Verl. A. Bauer / Munich), M. Rosenzopf: 16 Styrian dance styles (Rosenzopf), Maurer / German: Alpenl. Folk music (Preissler), various authors: Sounds from all over the world 1 and 2, C. Mahr: Hungary in Song and Dance (Apollo), H.P. Hesse: Polyphones Spielbuch V,m10 folk songs and old dances, A. Rosenstengel: Fiesta in Mexico (Preissler) W. Maurer: Music of the World I-V (with additional) (Apollo), G. Wagner: Europ. Folk Songs (ETA), wooden shoe: For celebration and celebration (wooden shoe), H. Rauch: Around the globe (Hohner) Pass-through exam / entrance exam: Proof of a corresponding playing technique based on the previous exercises and techniques or bellows guides All major and minor scales, tri-scale decompositions within the scope of the manuals From the literature are excerpts z. B. to present: W. Solotariew: Kindersuiten, J. Löchter: Circus Kaleidoscope, W. Bernau: Musikmappe II, J. Draeger: Acc. Progression IV, J. Truhlar: Perger Suite or from the literature of comparable difficulty Completed General Music Theory and Ear Training I Modules of the upper level: 1.u.2. Semester: Etudes: F. Maschner: Melodic Etudes Bd. 3, O. Bukowsky: The Ambitious Akkordionist III, Mahr: Czerny III Music: Lars Bjarne: Miniature Suite (Prei). Bio Boccosi: Gavottina, H. Hermann: Ouverture alla Zingarese (Hohner), F. Lee: Poruschka (Har), J. Löchter: Balkantanz Suite (Prei), K. Mjaskow: Scherzo (Inter), G. Müller: Toccata (Prei), B. Romani: Classical sonata (Char), A. Volpi: Preludio op. 31 (Ber), W. Bernau: Sonatina in G (Merc)


                                                                                           3.u.4. Semester:


Etudes: div. Authors: Concert Etudes (German Verl.), R. Würthner: Gradus ad parnassum 1st Vol. Music material: Lars Bjarne: Transylvanian Rondo (Prei), H. Brehme: Suite op. 40 (in "Trossinger Music") (Hohner), A. Cholminow: Lyric Suite (also M III) (Inter), F. Fugazza: Mosaico espagnol (Ber), W. Jacobi: Six Walzerbagatellen (Prei), J. Oppenheimer: Ciaccona (Variazioni sul theme "La Folia") (Ber), V. Melocchi: Suite (Ber), Ch. Radoew: Variations on a theme by Paganini (Har), G. Schenderjow: Russian Suite, Russian Dance (Inter), A. Volpi: Theme da concerto (Ber), M III - GUIDE Bd 1 (Harmonia nova),


                                                                                           5.u.6. Semester:

Etudes: H. Hermann: Concert Etudes (Hohner), R. Würthner: Gradus ad parnassum Vol. 2 Music: Bio Boccosi: Rhapsodia azzurra (Ber), H. Brehme: Autumn and Capriccio (Hohner), A.Cholminov: Suite (Inter), L. Logist: Impromptu concertant (Ber), A. Repnikov: Scherzo (Inter), H. Toifl: Concerto for Accordion (Hel), R. Würthner: La campanella, Variations on a Russian Folk song (in "The Big Number" - Hohner), N. Tchaikin: Concert Suite (Inter), M III - GUIDE Bd 2 (Harmonia nova), A.Nil's Viggo: In the Zoo (Hohner)


                                                                                           7.u.8. Semester:

Etudes: R. Würthner: Gradus ad parnassum vol. 3 Music: H. Brehme: Divertimento in F major op. 59 (Hohner), R. Brucci: Scherzo (Hohner), V. Dikussarov: Scherzo (1958) (Inter), E. Krenek: Toccata (Pag), A. Repnikov: Toccata (Inter), N. Tschaikin: Concert Suite (Inter), Passacaglia (1966), W. Zolotariew: Sonata No. 2 (Inter), Hans-Günter Kölz: Coupe (Hohner). Entrance exam Four études from years I - IV of the advanced level From the music are to be recited: Bio Boccosi: Rhapsodia azzurra, R. Brucci: Scherzo, W. Jacobi: Six Walzerbagatellas, V. Melocchi: Suite, A. Repnikov: Toccata, N. Tchaikin: Passacaglia (1966), R. Würthner: La campanella Modules of the education level:


                                                                                         9th to 12th semester:


G. Anders-Stremel: Charivari (Hohner), G. Aranyi-Aschner: Little Fantasy (Rei), Z. Bargielski: Three Polish Suites (Prei), G. Bellucci: Sonata in B flat major (Ber), V. Bibik : Sonata (Inter), H. Boll: Toccata e fuga (Trav), R. Brucci: Scherzo (Hohner), A. Cholminov: Lyrical Suite (Inter), F. Dobler: Mosaic (Hohner), J. Field: Concert Piece (Prei), J. Franceschina: Scaramouche (Derf), S. Garbatini: Capriccio and Fantasie (Ber), A. Guersching: Sonata (1977) (Peer), J. Hartig: Introduction, Fugue and Finale (Inter), W. Jacobi: Divertissement: 1. Gigue et Cortege, 2. Intermede, 3. Serenade, 4th Rondeau, 5th Scherzo (Hohner), J. Löchter: Miniatures in C major (Hel), T. Lundquist: Partita piccola, Metamorphoses, Sonatina piccola (Hohner), (1981) A.P. Nagajew: Sonata No. 1 op. 13 (Inter), J. Podprocky: Three Compositions (Homage to A. Schönberg) - 1. Preludio rapsodistico, 2. Scherzo burlesco, 3. Canon et fuga (Opus), H. Reinbothe: Sonata No. 1 (1984) (MA / DALV) IN. Schamo: Pictures of Russian painters (Inter), W. Schimmel: The spring street ritual (in 3 movements-in memory of I. Stravinsky) (Def), O. Schmidt: Toccata No. 1 op. 24 and No. 2 op. 28 (Hohner), AB Schurbin: Sonata No. 2 "Nostalgia" (Inter), W. Solotariew: Chamber Suite, (Inter), W. Subizki: Suite No. 2 Carpathian Suite, Funeral Music in Memory of W. Solotariev (Inter), J. Tamulionis: Sonata (1966), N. Tchaikin: Concert Tryptichon (Inter), J. Truhlar: Linzer Monologues (Har) Certified Exam Requirements: From the music of the education level are to be presented: H. Boll: Toccata e fuga, A. Cholminov: Lyric Suite, J. Feld: Concert Piece, F. Franceschina: Scaramouche, A.Guersching: Sonata (1977), K. Musalek: Discovery (1981), B. Przybylski: La follia, W. Solotariew: Sonata No.2 WD Subizki: Suite No. 2 (Carpathian Suite), J. Truhlar: Linzer Monologues.


The certified final exam has to be taken in two parts, namely an internal and a committee public examination.

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