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Admission Requirements for the Pre-Study Program :: Good musicality, if possible knowledge of the recorder and physical fitness.


                                                                                 Modules of the lower level:


                                                                                        1.u.2. Semester:


Toning exercises, breathing exercises, auditory and intonation exercises, sheet reading exercises. Scales and chords decomposition. Schools: J. Weissenborn: "Bassoon School", "Bassoon Studies", Volume I, "Lectures" Seltmann-Angerhöfer: "The Bassoon", Volume I


                                                                                           3.u.4. Semester:


Scale studies, chord decomposition, leaf reading, beginning of pipe construction. Schools: Weissenborn: "Bassoon Studies II", Kopprasch: "60 Etudes", Volume I + II, Flower: "36 Etudes" (3 issues), Seltmann-Angerhöfer: "The Bassoon", Volumes II + V, Graun: "Concert in BDur ", Corelli:" Adagio ", Boismortier: "Sonata No. 5 in G minor", Weinberger: "Sonatine". Entrance exam: All scales over the entire range A concert piece of comparable difficulty by J.Weissenborn: "Lectures".


                                                                                Modules of the intermediate level:


                                                                                             5.u.6. Semester:


Scales, chords and sheet reading exercises, pipe construction. Literature: Neukirchner: "Etüden", Schmidt: "Technical Studies", Ozi: "42 Caprices", Seltmann-Angerhöfer: "The Bassoon", Vol. III + V, Marcello: "Sonata in C Major and G Major", Galliard: "6 sonatas", Vivaldi: "Concerto in B major" - "La notte", Fasch: "Concerto in C major", Ibert: "Arabesque", Elgar: "Romance", Mildness: "Tarantella", Jacob: "Concerto", R. Schollum: "Sonatina" op. 55/3 and 57/3 H. Schiff: Duos for bassoon and piano.


                                                                                               7.u.8. Semester:


Scales and chords, sheet reading exercises and pipe construction. Literature: Jacob: "6 Etudes", Orefici: "Studi melodici", Hofmann: "Etudes", Pivoca: "Rhythmic Studies", V. Bruns: "Bassoon Studies for Advanced", Mildness: "Scales and Chords", Telemann: "Sonata in F minor", J. Chr. Bach: "Concerts" in B flat major + E flat major, Stamitz: "Concerto in F major", Vivaldi: "Concerti", Hertel: "Concerto in a "Minor", Hindemith: "Sonata", Rosetti: "Concerto in B Major", E. Bozza: "Burlesque", V. Bruns: "5 Pieces op. 40" Ostone: "Rhapsody for Bassoon Solo", H Eder: "Sonatine", Wolf-Ferrari: "Suite Concertino". Pass-through exam / entrance exam: An Etude on the Difficulty of Kopprasch: "60 Etudes", Volume II A sentence from the concert by Graun: "Concerto in B flat major" Scales and chord progressions in different types of blowing Completed General Music Theory and Ear Training I Modules of the advanced level

                                                                                                1.u.2. Semester:

rohrbau Technical studies: Satzenhofer: "Etudes", Oromszegi: "Ten Modern Etudes", Mild: "Concert Studies I", Kovar: "24 Daily Exercises", Vivaldi: "Concerti", Fasch: "Sonata", Vanhal: "Concerto in C -Dur ", Kotzebuh:" Concerto in C major ", Jacob:" Concerto ", JS Bach: "Six Suites for Violoncello - Solo", Apostle: "Sonatina for Bassoon - Solo" - Easier orchestral studies. 

                                                                                                3.u.4. Semester:


Mild: "Konzertstudienheft II", Pivonka: "Virtuoso Etudes", Orefici: "Studi per fagotto", Gianpieri: "16 Etudes", A. Uhl: "Bassoon Studies". Vivaldi: "Concerti", W.A. Mozart: "Concerto in B flat major" KV 194, Weber: "Concerto in F major", Mozart: "Sonata for bassoon and cello", Tansmann: "Suite", Wichtl: "Burleske", Jacob: "Partita for bassoon - Solo "- Orchestra Studies. 5.u.6. Semester: Technical studies: repetition of the studies of the 4th year. Additionally from Milde: Concert study volume II. Oremszegi: "10 modern Etudes" Literature: J.Chr. Bach: Concerto in B flat major, Marcello: Sonatas No.4-6, J. Fuchs: Concerto in BDur, R. Schollum: Sonatina op. 55/3, as well as repetition of the material from the 4th year.


                                                                                                 7.u.8. Semester:

Orefici: "Studi di bravura", Piconka: "Etudes characteristiques", Gatti: "Grandi exercici", Bitsch: "20 Etudes", Vivaldi: "Concerto in E minor", Weber: "Andante and Rondo hongarese", C. Sait-Seans: "Sonata", Tansmann: "Sonatine", E. Bozza: "Recitative, Sicilienne et Rondo", Rubin: "Concerto" Orchestra Studies (Gumpert, Wiegand) Entrance exam: Two etudes of gentleness: Concert studies A sonata in the difficulty of those of Fasch Vivaldi: "Concerto in A minor" or another baroque concert of comparable difficulty W. A. Mozart: "Concerto in B flat major" KV 191 Four orchestral posts Syllabus of the education level


                                                                                              9.u.10. Semester:


Repetition of All Clemency - Etudes, Bozza: Daily Studies, Bouty: "Twelve Atonale Etudes" Vivaldi: "Sonata No. 1 - 3", Hertel: "Concerto in A minor", Hummel: "Concerto", Jolivet: "Concert" Repeat: W.A. Mozart: Concerto KV 191, Weber: Concerto in F major Orchesterstudien 11.u.12. Semester: Repetition of the substance from the V. and VI. Vintage. Preparation of the certified final exam program and sufficient knowledge of the essential orchestral and chamber music literature. Certified Final Exam Requirements: Five Etudes of Mildness: "Concert Studies Volume II" or comparable degree of difficulty (Giampieri) A sonata in the difficulty of that of C. Saint-Saens: "Sonata for Bassoon and Piano" op. 168 Two concerts like those by Mozart KV 191 and Weber: Concerto in F major, J.N. Hummel: Concerto in F major Six selected passages from orchestral and chamber music literature The certified final exam has to be taken in two parts, namely an internal and a committee public examination.

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