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Admission requirements for the preliminary studies: General musicality and physical fitness. The completion of the lower stage recorder would be desirable.


                                                                             Modules of the lower level:


                                                                                 1st and 2nd semester:


Acquisition of the basic playing technique at the instrument. Tonbildungsübungen, stepwise development of the Tonraumes of C 1 to G 3. basic exercises to the breathing technique and Phrasierung. Technical exercises based on the flute schools of E. Prill, E. Köhler and Taffanel. Etudes by E. Köhler op. 33 / I, J. Andersen "18 small studies" op. 41 and others of comparable difficulty. Literature on the difficulty level of Telemann "The faithful music master" (Hortus musicus), B. Marcello: "Sonatas" (Hortus musicus) G.F. Handel: "Halle Sonatas" (Bärenreither). Entrance exam: An Etude on Difficulty by J. Andersen "18 small studies" op. 41. A lecture piece in the degree of difficulty of B. Marcello: "Sonatas"


                                                                      Modules of the intermediate level:


                                                                                      3. u. 4th semester:


Technical exercises, scales and triad studies. School works by Köhler and Prill. Etudes by Gariboldi op. 88 and Köhler op 33 / II. Vester: "100 classical studies" (U.E.), M.A. Reichert: "Daily Exercises" 0p. 5 (Schott). Lecture pieces in Valentino's difficulty: "Sonatas" (Bärenreither), Vanhal: "Three Easy Sonatas", W. de Fesch: "Sonatas" and Bresgen: "Studies" (Doblinger).

                                                                                       5. u. 6th semester:


Scale and triad studies. Instrumental training on the basis of flute schools E. Köhler, H.P.Schmitz: "Flute theory volume II", M.A. Reichert: "Daily Exercises op. 5" (Schott), Gariboldi: "Exercises journalists" op. 89 (Leduc), M. Moyse: "Gammes et arpeges - 480 Studies" (Leduc). Literature in difficulty by G.F. Handel: "Sonatas" (Bärenreither). Vivaldi: "Concerts" (Schott), Pergolesi: "Concert in GDur", Quantz: "Sonatas" (Schott).

                                                                                      7. u. 8th semester:


Technical studies on the difficulty level of Taffanel-Gaubert: "Large daily mechanical exercises" (Leduc), J. Andersen: "24 Etudes techniques" op. 63 / I / II. E. Kohler: "Romantic Etudes" Op. 66 and Stepanoff: "Daily Exercises". M. Moyse: "Ecole de l`articulation" and - "de la sonorite". Literature on the difficulty level of Telemann: "Concerto in G major" (Bärenreither), J.S. Bach: "Sonata in C Major" (Bärenreither), "Sonata in G minor" (Nagels Music Archive), M. Haydn: Concerto in D major (Schirmer New York), Telemann: "Twelve Fantasies for Flute Solo" (Bärenreither ), Ch. W. Gluck: "Concerto in G Major" (Hug, Zurich), Chr. W. Wagenseil: "Sonata in G Major" (Doblinger). Entrance exam: Scales and triadic slices in major and minor. Two études in the difficulty of E. Köhler op 66, or J. Andersen op 63 I / II A sonata in difficulty by J.S. Bach: Sonata in G minor. Completed General Music Theory and Ear Training I. Modules of the upper level:


                                                                                      1. u. 2 semesters:


Technical studies and etudes in the difficulty of E. Köhler: "The progress in flute playing" op. 33 / III, Boehm: "24 Capricen Etudes" op. 26, Fürstenau: "24 daily studies", op. 125 (Peters), Moyse: "20 Etudes to Kreutzer" (Leduc) and "Exercises journaliers". Literature in Difficulty of J.S. Bach: "Sonatas in E minor and E major" (Bärenreither), Quantz: Concerto in G major ", Lv Beethoven:" Serenade "op. 41, P. Hindemith:" 8 Pieces for Flute Solo "(Schott ) Stamitz: "Concerto in G Major" (Schott), M. Reger: "Burlesque, Minuet, Gigue" op. 103.


                                                                                     3. u. 4. semester


Technical studies and etudes in the difficulty of M. Moyse: "48 Etudes de virtuosite I / II" (Leduc), Th. Böhm: "24 melodic studies" op. 37 / I / II (Schott), H. Genzmer: "12 Modern Studies" (Schott), E. Köhler: "Virtuoso Etudes" op. 75 / I / II (Zimmermann). Literature: J.S. Bach: "Sonatas in B minor and A Major", "Solopartita in A minor" (Bärenreither, Peters), W. A. Mozart: "Concerts in G Major and D Major" (Breitkopf & Härtel), Ibert: "Piece pour flute seule" (Leduc), H. Genzmer: "Sonata for flute solo" (Peters), Bresgen: "Sonata" (Schott), as well as chamber music and orchestral literature of comparable difficulty.

                                                                                   5. u. 6th semester:


Technical studies in difficulty by E. Köhler: "Virtuoso Etudes" op. 75 / III, Lorenze: "9 great artist studies". Literature in difficulty of JSBach: "Suite in B minor (Schott), Telemann:" Suite in A minor (Ricordi), Faure: "Fantasy" (Hamelle), D.Milhaud: "Sonatine" (Durand), F Martin: "Ballade" (UE), Kuhlau: "Fantasies for Flute Solo" op. 38 (Schott) as well as orchestra studies (Hofmeister).


                                                                                  7. u. 8th semester:


Technical studies on the difficulty level of Andersen: "School of Virtuosity" Op. 60 and Bozza: "14 Etudes arabesques" (Leduc) Literature by Francaix: "Suite for flute solo" (Schott), Milhaud: "Concert" (Salabert), Henze: "Sonatine" (Schott), Pure (Breitkopf & Härtel) or similar. Orchersterstudien u. Chamber music studies. Entrance exam: Three Etudes on Difficulty by J. Andersen: "School of Virtuosity op. 60 or Bozza:" 14 Etudes arabesques " A concert in the difficulty of that of W.A. Mozart: Concerto in D major or J.J. Quantz: Concerto in G major A sonata as of J.S. Bach: Sonata in E minor Two works of XX. Century. in the difficulty of Ibert: "Piece pour flute seule" or Henze: "Sonatine" or a work of the XXI. Jhts. Three comparable passages from chamber music and orchestral literature


                                                                      Modules of the education level:                          


                                                                                  9. u. 10th semester

Technical studies as by Andersen: "School of Virtuosity" op. 60 Volume II (Zimmermann), Moyse: "10 Etudes to Wieniawsky" (Leduc), Lorenzo: "The Modern Art of the Prelude" op. 25 (Zimmermann), Nicolet: "Studies for playing new music" (Gering, Cologne). Literature in Difficulty of David: Sonata for Flute-Solo op. 31 / I (Breitkopf & Härtel), S. Prokofieff: Sonata no. 84 (Sikosky), Ibert: "Concerto" (Ledic) Orchestra Studies (Hofmeister, Peters) 11. u. 12th semester: Technical studies on the difficulty level of Lorenzo: "The non plus ultrades flutist" op. 34 (Zimmermann). Repetition of technical material of VI: + VII. Literature on the difficulty level of Messiaen: "Le merle noir" (Leduc), Nielsen: "Concerto" (Diana). Orchestral studies such as by Zöllner: "Modern Orchestral Studies" (Schott). Certified Final Exam Requirements: Two études in difficulty by J. Andersen op.60 A concert by W.A. Mozart Two sonatas in difficulty by J.S. Bach: Sonata in B minor and Prokofieff op. 84 A performance piece by J. Francaix: "Suite for flute solo" or J.S. Bach: "Sonata in G minor " Four flute parts from orchestral literature as well as from the areas of chamber music of comparable difficulty The certified final exam has to be taken in two parts, namely an internal and a committee public examination.


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