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                Admission requirements for the preliminary studies: General musicality, very good hearing, physical fitness.


                                                                                Modules of the lower level:


                                                                                      1st to 4th semester:


Conscious grip and listening exercises, simple scales. Schulwerke: "Fun and Games with the Recorder", Volume 1 and Spielbuch 1 (Schott ED 7772). Clair Schmid: "Da Capo" (Publisher: C. Schmid, Ch-8315, Lindau). Hildegard Theisen: "The flute bird" (Heinrichshofen 2070). R. Clemencic: "Elementary School for the Soprano Recorder" (Univ.Edition 14600), Braun: "School for Soprano Block Flute" (hän.11.303), and Études by Rudolf Schäfer: "School and Playbook for the Recorder" Volumes I and II (Doblinger), Etudes: G. Keller: "Etudes for soprano recorder" (Heinrichshofen N 6147) H.U.Staeps: "The daily routine" (Univ.Ed. 14.614), H. M. Linde: "The little exercise" (daily studies) for soprano recorder. Spielstü (Doblinger), Polly and Wolly (Heinrichshofen), Classical Music (BoEd 3992), Ilse Hechler: "Spielbuch f. Soprano recorder and piano "(Ed Moeck 2076), Koetner-Spittl: "Musicbook, Part I", K.F. Fischer: "Pieces Part I" Lectures (High Baroque): De Fesch: "Sonata" (U.E 12.602), Purcell: "Sonata seconda", (Schhott 10108). Lectures (20th century): C. Bresgen: "Sonatinen" (Bär 1009) as well as pieces and duos of comparable difficulty. Entrance exam: 1 lighter etude 1 Sonata in Difficulty by J. Hook: "Sonata G-Dur" f. Soprano recorder and piano Modules of the intermediate level:


                                                                                       5th to 8th semester:

Schulwerke: Giesbert: "School for alto recorder" (Schott 2562), H. Mönkemeyer: "Manual for the play of the alto recorder" (Ed. Möck 2033), J. Bornmann: "Beginning on the treble recorder", M. Zimmermann: "Die Alto-flute "(Ricordi Sy 2570), F. Fortin:" For Teens "(UE 30521) -for group lessons. Études: Bernolin: "700 Studies for Alto Recorder", G. Keller: "Etudes for Alto Recorder", J. Collette: 12 Melodic Exercises f. Soprano Recorder, J. Collette: 8 melodic Exercises f. Alto recorder. Lectures (High Baroque): Colwell: "Preludes and Voluntaries" (Schott 10.113), Pepusch: "Sonatas" (Schott 2617/2618), Bigaglia: "Sonata in A minor" f. Soprano recorder and piano (Schott), Telemann: "Die kleine Chamber Music "f. Soprano recorder and basso continuo, anonymus: 3 sonatas, A. Corelli: "La Folia" for alto recorder and basso continuo. Lectures (20th century): Genzmer: "Tanzstücke", G. Dallinger: "Ballade" f. Soprano Recorder and Piano (Doblinger 04431), W. Bender: Sonata f. Alto recorder and piano (Schott OFB 2), sprinkler: "Meditations" (Schott OFB 180), K. Marx: "Sonatina in D major" f. Soprano recorder and piano (Bärenreiter 2081), C.Bresgen: "Obituary for a blackbird" (magazine for Spielmusik-Möck 430), Heinz Walter: Partita Impulsiva. Lecture Pieces (Italian Early Baroque): G. Frescobaldi: Canzoni per canto solo (soprano recorder and basso continuo, Doblinger) Entrance exam: 1 Etude for soprano recorder and 1 Etude for treble recorder 3 recital pieces for soprano and alto recorder, one of them from the 20th century. Completed General Music Theory and Ear Training I


                                                                         Modules of the upper level:

                                                                                   I.u.2. Semester:

Etudes: Linde: "Modern Times" (Schott 4797), Höffer von Wintersfelden: "High School" (Bären-reither), Staeps: "Tonfiguren", Wintersfelden: "Twelve Etudes" (Hofmeister), Wintersfelden: "40 Studies Friedrich des great " Lectures (High Baroque): J.B. Loeillet: Sonata f. Treble recorder and basso continuo (Hortus musicus), G.F.Telemann: "The Little Chamber Music" (Bärenreiter HM 47), J. Baston: Concertos for soprano recorder flutes. Lectures (Early Baroque): J. van Eyck: "The Fluytenlusthof" (Amadeus), Lectures (20th century): Sonatinas and Sonatas by H.U. Staeps, R. Schollum and C. Bresgen, Franz Reizenstein: "Partita" f. Alto recorder and piano (Schott), G. Braun: "Silhouettes" f. Alto recorder solo and 5 meditations f. Tenor recorder.



                                                                                     3.u.4. Semester:


Schools: Linde: "Art of Recorder Game" (Schott 4677), Giesbert: "School" Appendix II (Schott 2562) Etudes: Staeps: "Clay Figures", E. M. Kölz: Essercizi, Lectures (High Baroque): G.Ph.Telemann: 4 Sonatas f. Treble recorder and basso continuo (Amadeus BP 666) Telemann: "Trio Sonata in B flat major" f. Alto recorder and basso continuo (Amadeus) Vivaldi: "Il pastore fido" (Hortus musicus), Quantz: "Six Duets" (Hänsler), Telemann: Duette f. 2 alto recorders (2 volumes, 6 sonatas) Sammartini: "Concerto in F major" (Schott), "Plaisir musical": solo literature of the High Baroque f. Alto recorder. Van Eyck: "Fluytenlusthof" (Amadeus), G. Fantana: "Sonatas 1-4 f. Soprano recorder and basso continuo (Doblinger DM 13), Lectures (20th century): Genzmer: "Sonata" (Schott), Staeps: Sonata in E Flat Major (UE), Angerer: "Concerto" (Doblinger), Linde; "Fantasies and Scherzi" (Schott OFB 46), A. Hopkins: "Suite" f. Soprano Recorder and Piano (Schott ED 10339), R. Hirose: Medidation f. Alto recorder solo, Linde: "Music for a Bird" (Schott), Linde: "fairy tale" (Schott).


                                                                                       5.u.6. Semester:


Schulwerke: Ganassi: "Art of the Block Soldering Game" Études: Braun: "16 etudes" (Hänsler), Wintersfelden: "40 solfeggios of Frederick the Great" (Sikorski), Brüggen: "5 études" (Brockmanns and Poppel), Collette: "12 melodic études" (UE 12.643), " The recorder in the cantata of JS Bach "(Sikorski), Wolfram Waechter:" New technical exercises "and" Studies and exercises ", Lectures (High Baroque): G.F.Händel: "4 Sonatas f. Alto recorder and basso continuo (Schott OFB 41), Barsanti: "Sonata in C major" f. Alto recorder and basso continuo (HM 183), Corelli: "Sonata in F major, in C major and La Follia" f. Alto recorder and basso continuo (Schott OFB 41), G. Ph. Telemann: Concertos: C major, F major, Sonata in D minor and C major f. Treble recorder and basso continuo (Schott), A. Vivaldi: Concertos in C major, F major in G minor, Sammartini: "Concerto" (Schott 894), Ch.Ph.E. Bach: Trio for recorder, violin and basso continuo (Schott 10.171), Lectures (Early Baroque): G. Fontana: Sonatas No. 5, 6 soprano recorder and basso continuo, further sonatas and capriccis. Lectures (French High Baroque): Learn French pronunciation (inegalité) and French phrasing (flattement). E. Chedeville: duets and sonatas for two alto recorders, Boismortiére: 6 small suites (HM 206), Hotteterre: Suite in F major (Ed. Kunzelmann GM 23b) Lectures (20th century): Braun: "Silhouettes" (Ed Moeck 2507), Rob de Bois: "Pastoral VII (Ed Moeck 1522), Rob de Bois:" Muziek "



                                                                                        7.u.8. Semester:


Ornament and diminution practice. Harmonious and motivic bound improvisation. Lectures (High Baroque): G.Ph.Telemann: "Fantasias" for solo treble recorder (original for flute), J.S.Bach: Partita in A minor, Lecture Pieces (Early Baroque): D. Castello: Sonata prima e seconda f. Soprano recorder and basso continuo (Doblinger DM 37), J.J. van Eyck: "Daphne", "Amarilli mia bella" ( Fluytenlusthof), Lectures (French High Baroque): Suites by Philidor and Dieupart (Ed Moeck 1087), M. Marais: La folie d'espgne (Bärenreiter), Hotteterre: "Suite in E minor" (Bärenreither) Lectures (20th century): Heberle: Sonata Brilliant, Staeps: Virtuoso Suite, M. Shinohara: Frangmente (Schott Modern Recorder Series No. 3) P. Leenhouts: Big Baboon (Moeck 2809), Brown: Minimal Music II (Ed.Mock 1523). Entrance exam: Etudes and literature in the difficulty of those of the fourth year and from the 17th, 18th and 20th centuries. A work from the Italian early Baroque (Frescobaldi, Fontana); A work of this for solo recorder from the 17th century. e.g. Van Eyck - Fluytenlusthof. 1 Sonata of the High Baroque and a Concert in Difficulty by Vivaldi "C-Dur" 2 works of the 20th century in the difficulty of H.M.Linde "Music for a bird" 2 chamber music sites, e.g. Trio sonatas nf. Violin, recorder and basso continuo.


                                                                           Modules of the education level :


                                                                                       9.u.10. Semester:


Etudes; L. Thevet: 100 etudes rhythmiques, Linde "8 Pieces", M. Vet: "Il flauto dolce et acerbo". Lectures (High Baroque): Vivaldi: Sonata in G minor, Concertos, JS Bach: Sonatas for flute and basso continuo, arranged for alto recorder and basso continuo (G minor, G major, F major, C minor ..... ..), JS.Bach: Partita in C minor. Lecture Pieces (Early Baroque): Playing on Renaissance recorders or early baroque types (eg: Handfluit), playing on g-alto; play diminuated chansons and madrigals, eg. B. Bassano ..... Sonatas by: Fontana, Castello, Cima, Nicola A .. Kempis. Lecture Pieces (French High Baroque): Suites by M. Marais (original for gamba), concertos by F. Couperain (Ed.Moeck 2531) Lectures (20th century): J. Casken: Thymehaze (Schott Modern Recorder Series No.6) for treble recorder and piano, W.W.van Newkerk: Rotations for solo alto recorder, Andriessen: "Sweet" and "Paintings"


                                                                                        11.u.12. Semester:


Repetition of the material of the training level and preparation of the certified final exam program. Preparation of chamber music. Certified final exam requirements: An etude and a solo work (early or high baroque) A high baroque sonata (a slow movement with its own ornamentation), a French suite or sonata. An early Baroque sonata Two works of the 20th century. (of which a piece that corresponds to the avant-garde) A Concert on the Difficulty of Telemann: "Concerto in F Major" A chamber music piece Ensemble pieces of the 16th u. 17th century On different types of recorder. The certified final exam has to be taken in two parts, namely an internal and an official committee examination.

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