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Film Music Composition

                                           STUDIEN- u. LIST OF STUDY DIRECTIONS FILM COMPOSITION


The present syllabus is in process and design for the teacher and the student a binding recommendation. It thus gives the student the possibility of optimal ability for composition of film music with emphasis on musical drama and technical production of the music for a movie, to gain. The study duration includes 3 years and ends with a diploma.

Reception: The following theoretical major and supplementary subjects must be completed: General music theory, ear training I, II and III, sentence theory I u. II, counterpoint I, morphology, Instrumental, Introduction to Modernity, Instrumentation, Acoustics, History of Music I + II, Rhythmic Training I + II, Jazz Theory I + II. At least 2 years 'compulsory subject piano'; -40 min. Per week- must be completed and to be finished.




                                                                                        1st year:


Functional theory of film composition; Design guide based on teaching examples and Video presentations; Instructions for translating movie scripts into a composition. 3rd year & quot; Cockpit Piano & quot; 40 minutes per week Music History III + IV Counterpoint II


                                                                                       2nd year:


Continuation of the first year of training in film composition. Learning the necessary Works of film cutting, film directing, film architecture, props, mask making and Kostümkunde.


                                                                                  4th year & quot;


compulsory subject piano & quot; 40 minutes per week History of Jazz arrangement III. Vintage: Continuation of the training described in the 2nd year. Collaboration with the director; Graduation the music-drama education. Refinement and perfection of the completion of a Film with tape recording technique, cutting and mixing technique. 5th year & quot; compulsory subject piano & quot; 40 minutes per week Diploma Examination requirements:

The candidate has an artistic script based on a script to write high-quality film music and to present the product to the examination board.

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