Jazz Drums

                                                                         Jazz Drums Reception:


Sufficient technical playability on the instrument. Corresponding physical fitness. Clapping of harder rhythms. Modules of the pre and.


                                                                                 Middle School:


                                                                                   6 semesters:


Are intended as preparatory jubilees for the jazz section. With special talent and qualitative progress of playability, a vintage can be skipped. Teaching materials: On the small drum: Stickcontrol by L. Stone, further exercises from the textbook of E. Keune and Richard Hochrainer. Light accent exercises by H. Legat. introduction to different jazz rhythms on the drums. Development of the first solis, principles of Improvisation, rudiments, independence; Introduction to the history and function of the Drums in jazz and popular music.


                                                        From the 2nd year onwards in the middle studies:


One ensemble obligation per year; "Swing" / "Be Bop". Crossover / Acceptance Requirements: Snare Drum: Two Pieces Wilcoxon (Focus Flams, Ruffs, Parradiddles, Flamacue, Etc.) A piece from Keune, Modern Reading Text Variations # 1 Set: Bd + Sd Coordination (Allan Dawson pages 101 - 105), Modern Reading Variations # 2 & Amp; 3, Mel Bay, Chapin, Swing Comping Basic Exercises) A swing rhythm, Pop Rhythms + fills (4-bar) is to be performed A solo of choice Completed General Music Theory and Ear Training I


                                                                        Modules of the upper level:


                                                                                  1.u.2. Semester:


Objective: Technical consolidation, development of complex comping and solo ideas, different rhythms and their stylistic peculiarities, beginning style and repertoire. Snare: 3 pieces Wilcoxon (focus rolls) 1 piece Keune or Hochrainer Modern Reading Text Variations # 4 Set: Swing Comping Triplets Bd / Sd (Riley Comp Example 2 & 4, Mel Bay, Chapin), Latin Rhythms + fills, 16-bar swing solo (based on Riley, One Bar Phrases, Question & amp; Answer, Three Beat Phrases, etc.) Brushes (Basic), Latham Solo # 1, Three Arrangements w / CD (different styles) Sight Reading: Snare, Drumset (easy arrangements)


                                                                                   3.u.4. Semester:


Objective: To acquire technology and independence. Besenspieol, interprtation of charts, Repertoire of rhythms, fills and licks as preparation for playing in the big band and other ensembles. Musical capture of shapes in charts and songs, stylish Interpretation of songs, development of own solo ideas. Snare: 3 pieces Wilcoxon (emphasis 7-Strokes, Flam Taps, Ratamacue etc.) 1 piece Keune or Hochrainer Set: Swing Comping Eighth Bd / Sd / Hh (Riley II S 10, 11, Mel Bay), Big Band Fills, Get your kicks, 32 bars swing solo, Latham solo # 2, four arrangements w / CD (various Styles and brushes) Sight Reading: Snare, Drumset (medium arrangements)


                                                                                   Entrance exam:


                                 Consists of the requirements of the second year Modules of the education level:


                                                                                    5.u.6. Semester:


Objective: To acquire technology and independence. Integration in bands, development of further material for the deepening of one's own creativity as a soloist and companion. Snare: 4 pieces Wilcoxon (focus on double-ratamacue, single- and double-drags, etc.) 2 pieces Keune or Hochrainer Set: Swing Comping Triplets Bd / Sd / Hh, A solo transcription (at least 32 bars, style does not matter), a self-written solo, Latham solo # 8, 6, four arrangements w / CD (various Styles and brushes Sight Reading: Snare, Drumset (heavy arrangements)


                                                                                  7.u.8. Semester:


Objective: Different improvisation concepts (4s, vamps, kicks, ostinato), stylistic Variety and improvisation, odd meters, repertoire, style analysis, videos etc. Independent work, acquisition of musical maturity for the demands of the profession Musicians to meet. Snare: 4 pieces Wilcoxon (with all rudiments) 2 pieces Keune or Hochrainer Set: leaf reading in different styles, a self-written solo (2 pages), one Solo transcription (2 pages), 8 arrangements in different styles and meters Repertoire list: 15 pieces with band Certified Final Exam Requirements: Consists of the requirements of the 4th year, in addition: From a shortlist of 30 standards, 10 must be memorized at the diploma exam can be played. The certified final exam is in two parts, namely in a committee internal and one commissional public examination.

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