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Jazz Guitar


                                                       A. Sufficient technical playability on the instrument.

                                                       B. Corresponding physical fitness

                                                       C. Clapping of medium rhythms


                                                           Modules of the pre and. Middle School:


                                                                                   6 semesters:


Are intended as preparatory jubilees for the jazz section. With special talent and qualitative progress of playability, a vintage can be skipped. Simpler etudes Leavit, guitar school First improvisation exercises, phrasing exercises, Jazz Stilrichtun-gen. Maintenance of various conventional scales and chord progressions. From the 2nd year onwards in the middle studies: One ensemble obligation per year; "Swing" / "Be Bop". Entrance exam requirements: Conventional major and minor scales over 2 octaves as well as chord studies Simple Etudes on Leavit Difficulty, page 10-12 A self-selected performance jazz standard such as Blue Monk, Autumn Leaves, Blach Orpheus, Tenor Madness. Improvisation with an existing rhythm group e.g. a blues Prima Vista game of a simple jazz standard with improvisation about changes Completed General Music Theory and Ear Training I

                                                                        Modules of the upper level:

                                                                                 1.u.2. Semester:


Scales and chords, toning exercises, finger and grip technique, technical education based on the study of W.G. Leavit: School for jazz guitar, Volume 1, P. Fischer's "Total Guitar Technique", "Joe Pass - Guitar Style", Guitar School of Garbraith. - Development of a repertoire.


                                                                                  3.u.4. Semester:


Scales & amp; Modes, Cords & amp; Progression, flexibility, advanced phrasing study, Style exercises, improvisations, sheet reading exercises, development of repertoire works. Guitar Schools by W.G. Leavit, Volumes 1 and 2, and Joe Pass, and Leavit: Melodic Rhythms for Guitar, J. Diorio: "Fusion", Accompaniment with Bass Lines, J. Vogel: Pop & amp; Funk Grooves, Aebersold Series Entrance exam: Knowledge of the teaching contents of the 1st and 2nd year A transcribed improvisation e.g. by Charly Parker: Yardbird Mprovisation of a theme with rhythm group An Etude on the difficulty level of "Joe Pass - Guitar-Style", A piece from J. Vogel: Pop & amp; Funk grooves Modules of the education level:


                                                                                   5.u.6. Semester:


Scales & amp; Modes, Chords & amp; Progressions, exercises for flexibility, style, Phrasing exercises, improvisation exercises, sheet play exercises. Technical training with Leavit: Melodic Rhythms, Joe Diorio: Fusion, Joe Pass: Transcriptions for Jazz Solos, J. Scofield: "Funk Guitar I & amp; II ", Joe Pass:" Virtuoso ".


                                                                                   7.u.8. Semester:


Leaf play, improvisations, chords & amp; Progressions, unconventional meters, Ensemble playing. Repetition of the studies from the third year. Development of a corresponding repertoire and the certified Audit program. Certified final exam requirements: Three Etudes from Diorio: "Fusion", Ch. Parker: "Omnibook" and current literature. Two exercises from O. Nelson: Pattern for Saxophone Self-Arranged Chord Soli Over Standards, e.g. "All the things you are" A jazz standard with rhythm group e.g. & Quot; walkin & quot; Two ballads e.g. Yesterday, Misty, Wave Two jazz standard swing, latin or jazz rock - (Joy Spring, Blue bossa, Satin doll, Budy & amp; Soul) A song with song or brass á la "Tuck & amp; Patti " Quitting a solo part in a big band formation From a shortlist of 30 standards, 10 must be memorized at the diploma exam can be played.


The certified final exam is in two parts, namely in a committee internal and one commissional public examination.

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