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Jazz Piano

                                                         Jazz piano Conditions of admission of the pre- and Central study:


                                               Physical fitness, good hearing and rhythmic feeling. Modules of the pre and.


                                                                                      Middle School:


                                                                                        6 semesters:


Are intended as preparatory jubilees for the jazz section. With special talent and qualitative progress of playability, a vintage can be skipped. OBJECTIVE: Pianistic work and entry into the ensemble, preparation for the Jazz department - stop, phrase recognition, phrasing, volume and tempo dynamics, Leaf reading and voice play. Studies of all major and minor scales in octave, thirds and sixths as well as Triad partitions. Polyphonic works as by E. Chr. Scholz, St. Heller, J. S. Bach: 2 and 3 voices Inventionen, Czerny: Preschool of fluency. Introduction to the improvisation of different works. Simple jazz literature such as by O. Peterson and Ch. Corea 


                                                                Übertritsprüfung /Entrance exam requirements:


Conventional major and minor scales over 2 octaves as well as 3 and 4 sound decompositions A simple etude like Czerny: School of fluency, Two jazz standards such as Blue Monk: Someday my prince Lecture with an existing rhythm group: one swing and one bebop piece each Prima Vista game of a simple jazz standard with improvisation about changes Completed General Music Theory and Ear Training I Modules of the upper level:


                                                                                 1st to 4th semester:




Practical implementation of leadsheets, notated arrangements or compositions (Jazz, classical ...); Technical condition, development of a repertoire.


                                                                        Modules of the education level:


                                                                      Certified final exam requirements:


Solo (required): 1 Etude Jazz: Etude, Arrangement, Transcription (s.o.) 1 Etude Classic: Etude or Lecture (s.o.) 1 jazz standard: ballad e.g. "Stella by Starlight" or "My funny Valentine", ... 1 jazz standard: swing, Latin or jazz rock - "Joy Spring", "Blue Bossa" and "Mercy, Mercy, Mercy ", ... Ensemble (required): 1 jazz standard with rhythm group e.g. & Quot; walking '& quot; Quitting a solo part in a big band formation Solo (repertoire) / selection: From a selection list of 30 standards 10 pieces must be memorizable at the certified final exam. Procedure: The certified final exam is in two parts, namely in one internal and one internal Commission's public examination.

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