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Lied and Oratorium

Reception: Passed examination of the field of study solo singing (main study, advanced level). The grades I - IV of this field of study correspond to the III and IV the V. and VI. Year of the education level of the field of study solo singing with the following amended teaching literature


                                                                           Curriculum of the upper school:


                                                                                             1st year: 


                                                                                       1st 2nd semester:


Ch.Ph.E.Bach: "Gellert's Spiritual Odes and Songs", J. Haydn: "Songs for the Clavier", "Cantons & quot ;, W. A. Mozart: & quot; Songs & quot ;, L.v. Beethoven: "6 Songs Op. 48", "Three Songs Op. 83" C.Loewe: & quot; Ballads & quot; (op.9, 20, 51, 71, 109), F. Schubert: Selection from his Song Creation, F.Mendelssohn-Bartholdy: Selection, op.47, Romances and Ballades op. 45, 49, 53 and 64 by R. Schumann. Heinrich Schütz: Weihnachtshistorie, D. Buxdehude: Solokantanten, G.F. Telemann: solo cantatas, G. F. Handel: Oratorios, J.S. Bach: Solo Cantatas, Magnificat, Christmas Oratorio, Pergolesi: Stabat mater.


                                                                                                 2nd year:


                                                                                       3rd and 4th semester:


P. Cornelius: Lieder op. 4 and 5, J. Brahms: Lieder op. 19, 43, 69 and 86, R. Strauss: Lieder op. 10, 21, 22, 29, H. Pfitzner: Lieder op. 2, 11, M. Reger: Lieder op. 76, old masters of bel canto. J.S. Bach: Masses and Passions, J. Haydn: Creation, Seasons, W.A. Mozart: Measuring, Requiem, L.v. Beethoven: 9th Symphony, Masses, F. Schubert: Masses, G. Verdi: Requiem, A.Bruckner: Measuring, Te deum. Syllabus of the education level: III. Year: (5th to 6th semester): L.V. Beethoven: "To the distant beloved", op.98, C. Loewe: Ballades op. 118, 128 and 129, F. Schubert: & quot; The Beautiful Miller & quot ;, R. Schumann: & quot; Woman's Love and Life & quot; op.42, "poet love"; Op. 48, F. Liszt: "Songs of Goethe and Heine", R. Wagner: "Wesendonk Lieder", A. Dvorak: Gypsy melodies op. 55, Biblische Lieder op. 98, G. Mahler: Wunderhorn Lieder, H. Wolf: Selection from Lieder, R. Strauss: Songs Op. 21, 27, 29, 68, P. Hindemith: Marienleben, Selection from "Thirteen Motets". J. Brahms: A German Requiem, M. Reger: Choralkantaten, F.Schmidt: Book with the Seven Seal.


                                                                                                4th year:


                                                                                        7th-8th semester:


F. Schubert: "Winterreise", "Schwanengesang", J. Marx: Songs (selection), A. Schönberg: Four Songs Op. 2, Fifteen Poems from & quot; The Book of Hanging Gardens by Stefan George & quot; op. 15, J.M. Hauer: Songs (selection), E. Krenek: Travelogue from the Austrian Alps op. 62 Preparation of the diploma examination program The diploma examination program has a duration of about two hours and is memorized to perform (songs) Diploma Examination requirements: A song cycle Two songs of the modern age A baroque solo cantata An Oratorio Part (Viennese Classical) A part from a great work of Romanticism in the difficulty J. Brahms: A German requiem A comparable oratorio part of the modern age


The diploma examination is divided into two parts, namely an internal and a commission Commission's public examination.

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