Jazz Vocals

Reception: Completion of the pre-study course in the classical area - field of study solo singing, Modules of the pre and.


                                                                                        Middle School:


                                                                                          6 semesters:


Are intended as preparatory jubilees for the jazz section. With special talent and qualitative progress of playability, a vintage can be skipped. Voice and breathing exercises tailored to individual needs. easy Improvisation exercises, first jazz phrasing exercises, introduction to the various Styles of Jazz From the 2nd year onwards in the middle studies: One ensemble obligation per year; "Swing" / "Be Bop". Admission requirements / transfer check: Two standards from the jazz literature Improvisation About a short melody Leaf singing simple melodies Impeccable listening and a good sense of rhythm Completed General Music Theory and Ear Training I


                                                                              Modules of the upper level:


                                                                                        1.u.2. Semester:


Vocal technique, jazz phrasing using standards of medium difficulty such as: B. Autmn leaves, Lullaby of Birdland u. a. Blues form. Rhythm. Changes-form, training of language and expression, refinement of any level deficiencies, scat improvisation about simple chord progression, microphone technology.



                                                                                         3.u.4. Semester:


Voice and breathing exercises, learning several jazz standards in the Difficulty level of "Sophisticated Lady", or "Stella by Starlight". Improvisation on known melodies, training of singing together of different Voices (polychorality). - Development of repertoire works. Entrance exam: Knowledge of the teaching contents of the 1st and 2nd year Lecture of a jazz standard Four jazz standards of different styles (bossa, blues, ballad, funk, modal Tune) with rhythm group A transcription of a solo with rhythm group


                                                                             Modules of the education level:


                                                                                           5.u.6. Semester:


Deepening d. Jazz-language, sounds, vocal improvisation, free-improvisation. Further development of jazz standards, different tempi and rhythms. Works like Ware, One note samba, Cotton-tail, Four brokers, Spain.


                                                                                            7.u.8. Semester:


Refinement of voice and breathing technique, improvisations etc. Repetition of the whole substance of the III. Vintage. Work with Big Band or Nine Piece of tape. Preparation of the certified final exam program. Requirements for the certified final exam: 6 jazz standards or compositions from the jazz literature of different styles with rhythm group 1 Jazz Standard with Big Band or Nine Piece Band. From a shortlist of 30 standards, 10 must be memorized at the diploma exam can be sung. The certified final exam is in two parts, namely in a committee internal and one commissional public examination.