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Jazz Theory and Composition

                                                                        Modules of the sub u. Middle School:


A module: "Compulsory subject piano": Langer: I play the piano, Emonts: First piano, Kunz: 200 Canons, all major and minor scale over an octave, triads, four-notes, simple Cadence (I-IV-V-I), E.Chr. Scholz: All beginning is not difficult. - General music theory and ear training I.




Completed general music theory and ear training I or is an examination of o. G. To remove subjects. Completed 1st year & quot; compulsory subject piano or sufficient piano playing skills, which make it possible to perfectly play a polyphonic phrase on the piano.


                                                                              Modules of the upper level:


                                                              I. Module: (Is at the same time "Jazz Theory I")


                                                                                      1st 2nd semester:


Instruction of the forms of jazz and its morphology. Outline of the chords in Function groups, use of Secondary and Extended V7, Secondary and Extended II7, V7, representations of II 7 and V 7, subdominant minor chords, modal interchange, diminished chords, & quot; brightened & quot; Subdominants, modulation, turnarounds. II. Module: (Is at the same time "Jazz Theory II")

                                                                                  3rd and 4th semester :


Block Set, Spreads, Couplings for Big Band, Reharmonization of Standard Works, Constant structures, Modal harmonics, Nonfunctional harmonics, Scales.


                                                                          Modules of the education level:




(At the same time it is the content of the supplementary subject "Arrangement", but in grooved form.) Voicing in 4th, Clusters, Six-Part Voicings in 4th, Six-Part Clusters, Upper Structure Triads, Tutti Writings, development of own arrangements. 7.u.8.Semester: Voicing by Intervals, Non-diatonic triads over a diatonic bass line, Line Writing, Composite Scales, Hybrid Scales, Hybrid Chords Structures, Voicing for Big Band. Development of own compositions and arrangements. Certified Final Exam Requirements: Two arrangements of own composition for big band. Two arrangements of own composition for small ensemble (2 to 6 winds with 3 to 4 Rhythm instruments). Extensive answer to questions about the entire subject matter as well as solution of Assignments before the examining board. Ten original compositions.

The certified final exam is in two parts, namely in a committee internal and one commissional public examination.

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